Curriculum Materials

The Pre-College Education program within the NASCENT Engineering Research Center has developed a host of curriculum materials through the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program, which we’re listing below. You can download available materials by clicking the links in the “title” column. We’ll be adding more materials as they become available. We hope you find them useful!

TitleGrade LevelSubject AreaTeacher
The Art of Molecular Structure through Photolithography*6th GradeScienceNixon
Nanotechnology Uses in Medicine*7th GradeScienceKizer
Solar Energy vs. Wind Energy*7th GradeScience Deeter
Using scatter plots to analyze data sets8th GradeMathematicsCurtin
Scatter Plots and Correlation
8th GradeMathematicsCurtin
Simulation Applications in Medicine8th GradeScience and TechnologySauter
Introduction to Computer Science8th GradeScience and TechnologySauter
Pumpkin Chunkin’ – Design and build of a Trebuchet*8th GradeMathematicsCollins
When Life Gives you Lemons*9th GradeMathematicsTrenfield
Building an Obstacle Course*9th GradeMathematicsNegley
Testing Hydrophobic Materials9th GradeMathematicsNegley
Using Lasers to Make the Invisible, Visible
Unit Write-ups:
Lesson #1 - Laser Light - What's the Difference
Lesson #2 - Lasers for Super Small Measurements
Lesson #3 - Sugar Concentration with Laser Pointers
Lesson #4 - Lasers in Medicine - Disease Detection
9th-12th GradePhysicsPlaza
Lucky Dip (developed by pre-service teacher)9th-12th GradeMathematicsTsai
Lasers*9th-12th GradePhysicsBodman
Apocalypse Proof School*9th-12th GradeMathematicsMontgomery
Intermolecular forces and their effects on the wetting of solutions10th-12th GradeMathematicsLester
Chemical Equilibrium: Le Chatelier’s Principle (developed by pre-service teacher)10th-12th GradeChemistryLenaburg
Shape Matters*10th GradeMathematics/EngineeringBarron
Heater Redesign*10th-11th GradeMathematics/EngineeringDiMaria
Conservation of Energy and Organics11th GradePhysicsNguyen

*These curriculum materials will be posted as they become available.  Please check back!

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