Test Beds

  • Roll-to-Roll Nanofabrication Test Bed—2D and 3D nanosculpting on R2R flexible substrates, high-speed solvent-less R2R graphene transfer, R2R thin film coatings with nano-scale thicknesses, R2R printable nanomaterials, and in-line nanometrology.
  • Flex Crystalline Nanofabrication Test Bed—Flexible crystalline substrates exfoliated from bulk wafers, wafer-scale 2D and 3D nanosculpting with unprecedented control in size and shape of patterns, and in-line nanometrology.

Research Thrusts

  • Thrust 1: Patterning—Top-down fabrication of nano-scale structures with exquisite control of feature size and shape.
  • Thrust 2: Functional Materials—Processable materials for devices and machines, including directed self-assembly of block co-polymers and nanoparticles.
  • Thrust 3: Metrology & Yield Enhancement—Sub-wavelength optical nanometrology for real-time nanomanufacturing feedback and fault diagnostics, validated uncertainty quantification (UQ) models for scale-up and process control.

Representative Applications

  • Novel high-density STT-RAM with potential for >5x storage capacity as compared to ITRS 2022
  • THz CMOS-like flexible high-speed circuits using graphene or III-V nanowires
  • Nano-enabled flexible displays, cameras, and sensors with integration of novel nanomaterials and nanopatterning
  • Flexible, printable S-Li batteries with capacities many times larger than traditional Li ion batteries
  • Low cost, high performance flex silicon circuits