BBQ social Spring 2013, hosted by NASCENT SLC with Dr. Sreenivasan (5th from left), Dr. Lu (7th from left), and Dr. Abed (8th from left, front row) in attendance.

The NASCENT Student Leadership Council’s mission is to foster interdisciplinary interactions between students, faculty, and industry professionals, participate in outreach efforts to the larger community, and act as an interface between students, the NASCENT leadership, and National Science Foundation.


President: Akhilesh Jain (a “dot” jain “at” utexas “dot” edu)
Treasurer: Shruti Jain (shrutijain “at” utexas “dot” edu)
Outreach Coordinators: Prabhakar Marepalli (pmarepalli “at” utexas “dot” edu)
Seminar Coordinator: Craig Milroy (milroy “at” utexas “dot” edu)
University of New Mexico Representative: Mahmoud Behzadirad (ma “dot” behzadirad “at” gmail “dot” com)
University of California at Berkeley Representative: Rungrot (Jack) Kitsomboonloha (rungrot “at’ berkeley “dot” edu)

For more information about the NASCENT SLC please email nascent “dot” slc “at” gmail “dot” com.